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Medicine / Cosmetics [1000条. 页码 1/50] ???

[IT] [1054041] 意大利求购针管(needle cannula 2 way) (10-08)
? Dear Company, I'm Andrea from Stone Europe ltd a primary European Procurement Company. A our Customer ask us to search in in the international market this article for medical use: needle cannula 2 w...
Remaining views: 25
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[DE] [1053949] 德国求购复合包装膜(Composite packaging film) (10-08)
? Customized medical powder composite packaging film Usage: Suitable for flexible packaging of special medicines such as granules, tablets, powders, plasters, capsule plates, pillow packaging and liqui...
Remaining views: 24
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[US] [1053838] 美国求购药用溶剂瓶(Medicinal solvent bottle) (10-08)
? The 1L round plastic bottle is a small mouth, and the lid is a pressing cover. It is very convenient and quick to pour out the liquid inside. The product is suitable for chemical, cleaning agent, medi...
Remaining views: 25
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[SE] [1053834] 瑞典求购菌落计数器(Colony counter) (10-08)
? technical parameter (1) Counter capacity: 0-999 "Note" (2) Light source lamp power: 16W (3) Total power consumption: less than 20W (4) Illuminated display window height: 13mm (5) Power supply vol...
Remaining views: 25
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[HU] [1053799] 匈牙利求购全自动医用包装机(Automatic medical packaging machine) (10-08)
? 1. Double frequency converter control, the bag length is set, no need to adjust the air, the humanized operation automatically prompts, saving time and film. 2. The packaging speed and bag length are...
Remaining views: 25
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[CO] [1053604] 哥伦比亚求购鱼石脂(Ichthammol) (09-27)
? Dear sirs Please quote your best offer for - Ichthammol x 10 kilos in a single barrel Courier to Bogota - Colombia Please *** certificate of analysis
Remaining views: 25
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[IN] [1053597] 印度求购面膜(FACE MASK) (09-27)
? On Friday is closing a tender for supplying NW FACE MASK TIE TYPE to public hospitals during 14 (starting deliveries on November). In order to have more chances to win we request from you a SPECIAL VE...
Remaining views: 23
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[US] [1053567] 美国求购制药原料(Pharmaceutical raw matrial) (09-27)
? we need to raw material of celadrin.we are pharmaceutical company in USA. producer of herbal and food supplement.
Remaining views: 25
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[TW] [1053566] 台湾求购中草药(Herbal Medicine) (09-27)
? We have natural herbal medicines from Africa for comestic.
Remaining views: 25
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[HK] [1053552] 香港求购化妆品(cosmetics) (09-27)
? beauty or make up or cosmetics.
Remaining views: 25
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[HK] [1053549] 香港求购性用品(sex products) (09-27)
? sex products cialis levitra.
Remaining views: 24
Related buyers: 性用品; sex products;
[HU] [1053535] 匈牙利求购医疗级透明硅胶管(Medical grade transparent silicone tube) (09-27)
? High transparency, strong resilience, resistance to compression and permanent deformation, etc., is an ideal tube especially suitable for peristaltic pumps. The product can also resist weak acid and w...
Remaining views: 22
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[US] [1053534] 美国求购手术器械臂(Surgical instrument arm) (09-27)
? Only one central joint is fast and securely fastened Unusually strong controlling stake Fully sterilizable Almost maintenance free Modular accessories
Remaining views: 25
Related buyers: 手术器械臂; Surgical instrument arm;
[PT] [1053480] 葡萄牙求购胡须油(Beard oil tins) (09-27)
? Hi, Please reach me on . For oil beard or cream, do you have a catalogue? What is the composition? I would like to know if you have a ready brand to use for dropshipping?If not what is a MOQ for a...
Remaining views: 25
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[AU] [1053475] 澳大利亚求购带梯子的便盆训练椅(potty training seat with ladder) (09-27)
? Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Shaan from BBY Solution. I'm the buyers agent. I'm interested in buying an initial order of a potty training seat with a step ladder. The seat can be plastic with a soft...
Remaining views: 25
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[BD] [1053470] 孟加拉国求购医疗设备(medical equipments) (09-27)
? we are in need of medical equipments
Remaining views: 25
Related buyers: 医疗设备; medical equipments;
[AR] [1053434] 阿根廷求购加热手臂疼痛膏药(confortable heating arm pain plaster) (09-27)
? Dear , good day! I'm Eduardo Lunafrom PTM Argentina. We have been in contact with Tina Miao in the past, but for some reason we lost the dialogue. We are interest in this product, please, could yo...
Remaining views: 25
Related buyers: 膏药; pain plaster;
[US] [1053433] 美国求购硅胶人工呼吸气囊(Silicone artificial air bag) (09-27)
? product description: This product is mainly used for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and general artificial respiration, so that patients can maintain ventilation for a short period of time before waki...
Remaining views: 25
Related buyers: 人工呼吸气囊; artificial air bag;
[DE] [1053431] 德国求购铜刮舌器(tongue scrapper) (09-27)
? Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Felix Hagleitner and I am the International Category Manager at Creative Dock Germany. As we are opening our second store in Munich, we want to add dental products to our p...
Remaining views: 25
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[HU] [1053321] 匈牙利求购医用颈托(Medical neck rest) (09-27)
? Product Name Medical Neck Care The scope of application is suitable for the reduction and fixation of the upper end of the humerus fracture, the soft tissue injury of the upper end of the humerus and...
Remaining views: 25
Related buyers: 医用颈托; Medical neck rest;
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